Local SEO

For storage companies, maps listings should be a key focus of any online marketing.

Searches for self storage almost always have local intent – this is why the maps listings (or ‘local pack’ as it’s known) is a regular feature, as Google knows it’s useful for searchers.

The prominence of these maps results, particularly on mobile devices, makes ranking here especially important.


So how do you get ranked?

The local results are comprised of business listings for the relevant search engine, whether Google, Bing or others.

Google (and others) take into account a myriad of factors when deciding what businesses to rank in these results – things such as location, reviews and citations from other directories around the web.

This is the reason why local SEO differs to general SEO – when carrying out local SEO the focus is on improving the factors that affect your maps performance. 

This is why it’s essential to make sure your Google My Business listings and your website are as optimized as possible to increase your chances of getting ranked.

We work with clients to get their listings up to scratch and positioned for optimal performance in the local results.