Self Storage in Warwickshire


If you’re looking for storage in the Warwickshire you’ve come to the right place.

Storage facilities are quite evenly spread around Warwickshire as there are no large cities like in neighbouring West Midlands which contains Birmingham and Coventry.

Check out the links below to specific towns in Warwickshire, whether this is the historic county town of Warwick, or the ancient Roman town of Alcester.

On these location pages listed below you will find all the relevant storage providers for those towns. We have you covered whether you’re looking for long or short term storage, or if you need container storage or climate-controlled storage.

Remember to check that the storage company provides storage that matches your needs, don’t only choose the closest storage facility to your house.

The container storage facilities offer great value per square foot, but if you’re storing items that require a certain temperature then you may want to go with an indoors self storage unit.

If you need business storage solutions make sure your chosen storage facility offers this.

Warwickshire Storage FAQ's

There are a range of prices for Storage in Warwickshire. You’re typically looking at about £150 – £200 per 100 sqft per month. However, this will change from site to site, and city to city. In addition to this many storage facilities run promotions which will affect the price you pay.

Yes, in Warwickshire, as in the rest of the UK, it is usually fine to run your business out of a storage facility. You will need to check with the facility owner whether they allow it, and you will also need to make sure the unit you choose fits your needs.