UK Self Storage Directory

Our UK self storage directory should have you covered whatever your self storage needs. Wther you’re looking for short term storage to help with a house move, or longer term to free up some extra space.

We’re gathering together a list of all the storage companies in the UK to help you find the right provider for you.

Browser from our list of counties below to find your new provider.

UK Self Storage FAQ's

Storage prices in the UK can vary dramatically depending on your location. Cities will tend to be more expensive than more rural locations. 

The type of storage you opt for can also affect the price, in addition to the range of other services provided by each facility. 

In the UK it is perfectly fine to run your business from a self storage unit. We would always recommend that you check first with the provider to see if they allow you to do this. A lot of facilities will also offer business services and office premises onsite also.