The Best Marketing Idea For Your Storage Company

It’s not hard to find marketing ideas on the internet. Even if you narrow that down to just marketing ideas for self storage companies.

That might be what you’re expecting from this article; a list of interesting and creative marketing ideas similar to what you can see elsewhere, which ranges from billboard advertising, leaflet drops, or even holding a town-wide treasure hunt!

A major problem with these types of marketing ideas, along with the majority of mass marketing is that most people aren’t and won’t be your customer.

This year’s SSAUK survey states that only 5% of people are even considering using storage in the next 12 months. That means for most mass market advertising only a small percentage of the people you reach are actually going to be relevant. This leads to a lot of wasted spend. 

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Just because they’re people doesn’t mean they’re your customers.

So what do we think the the best storage marketing idea is? It’s simple…

advertise to people who want to be advertised to.

Why waste your money reaching people who don’t want storage from you, when you can advertise directly to the people who do?

“But Sam!” you’re shouting, “How do I know who wants my storage and who doesn’t?”

That’s easy.

Again, the answer can be found in the SSAUK survey. When people need storage nearly 70% of them will first do an internet search along the lines of “storage in {location}”. If you spend your marketing dollars getting yourself here then 100% of your marketing spend is on getting in front of relevant customers.

We truly believe that having a strong online presence is essential for storage companies to succeed today. If you can’t be found at the exact time your customers are looking for storage, you’re really missing out.

The big players in the industry know this, take this quote from Safestore’s Annual Report.

The internet is now by far the dominant channel … This key change is a clear benefit to the leading operators that possess the budget and the management skills necessary to generate a commanding presence in the major search engines.

You may not be as big as these guys just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take what they do and apply it successfully to your business.

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